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Statement of Purpose

Our Mission - Our Vision - Our Purpose


Synergy Counseling of Greenwood is committed to promoting and guiding individuals to reach their optimal potential in life.  It is our mission to provide life enhancing services through evidence-based therapeutic techniques to individuals of any ethnicity, culture, or background. We have a team of qualified licensed professional counselors, master addiction counselors, mental health professionals, and psychiatric nurse practitioners that will assist individuals and families in working toward a solution that will improve their quality of life.  Synergy Counseling provides a service for every aspect of mental and psychological health through individual, family, and group therapy.  In partnership with those we serve, we empower our clients with life skills that promote personal growth, integrity, and success


Synergy Counseling of Greenwood, LLC purposes to provide excellent care to all clients seeking guidance in coping with, or working through moments of crisis or transition. This guidance will be given in a safe and supportive environment which facilitates growth and a healthy well-being, while focuses on the following areas:

Self-Awareness: Intervention and techniques will help clients gain accurate appraisal and understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and preference which will influence their behavior while impacting others.

Understanding: Each client will be guided through a series of interactive development techniques purposed to bring awareness to area(s) which have contributed to the lack of a healthy well-being.

Accepting: Each client will be encouraged to accept any negative actions which he/she may have discovered that contributed to the hindering of their health well-being.

Adapting: Each client will be guided in tailoring his/her actions to yield positive results from the crisis or transition which has so negatively impacted his/her well-being.

Progressing: Each client will be encouraged to maintain his/her positive improvements in habits, attitudes, and behaviors in order to successfully continue the journey of a better, healthier well-being.

Every person’s health is affected by the choices made during crisis or transition, and so is one’s self-worth. Change is not merely a choice to live a healthy life, it is a necessity, and that necessity is our mission and our purpose.

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